These clocks are ardeola's answer to 'sunburst' clocks - they depict a firework squib after explosion as they expose their sparkling colors on the dark sky. The dials themselves is composed of 4 x 20 wooden pieces (=flames) that stick in between each other.

The clock now has 3 color options: red through yellow (001.21.101 - Fireworks I), copper through vivid gold (001.21.102 - Fireworks II), and blue through green (001.21.103 - Peacock).

The dial of this clock is laser cut from a 6mm plywood board. Polishing is made by hand. The surface is manually painted. The 'petals' are manually clamped in between the neighboring elements. Owing to the manual distribution method none of these clocks are identical.

The movement is non-ticking, runs with 1pc. 1.5V AA type battery. Standard hands are white / black metals.


Color options:

Fireworks I Fireworks I
yellow / orange / red
Fireworks II Fireworks II
copper / gold
Peacock Peacock
blue / turquoise / green



  • Diameter:    41cm (16")
  • Thickness:   3,3cm (1 1/8")
  • Weight:       ~650g (1.4lbs)


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