These clocks remind the spectators to different orbs  - as they shine from the sky. The colored arms represent the light rays that the central orb emits.

This clock now has 4 color options: golden disk + gold/yellow 'rays' (001.20.102 - The Sun), silver disk + blue/purple 'rays' (001.20.101 - The Moon), white disk + silver/pink 'rays' (001.20.103 - The Star), white disk + silver rays (001.20.104 - The Sirius) and golden disk + red / orange / yellow rays (001.20.105 - The setting sun).

The dial of this clock is laser cut from a 6mm plywood board. Polishing is made by hand. The surface is manually painted. 'Rays' are manually clamped and glued in the grooves of the central disc. Owing to the manual distribution method none of these clocks are identical.

The clocks are now available in 2 sizes:

  • L: diameter 41cm (16")
  • XL: diameter 60cm (23.5")

The movement is non-ticking, runs with 1pc. 1.5V AA type battery. Standard hands are white / black metals.


Color options:

The Sun The Sun
gold + gold / yellow
The Moon The Moon
silver + blue / purple
The Star The Star
white + silver / pink
The Sirius The Sirius
white + silver / gray
The setting sun The setting sun
gold + red/orange/yellow



  • Diameter:    41cm (16") / 59cm (23.5")
  • Thickness:   3,3cm (1 1/8")
  • Weight:       ~650g (1.4lbs) / 1kg (2lbs)


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