This clock is shaped as a sunflower in full bloom with drops of dew on the petals. The wavy golden strips depicts the petals while the 12 circular 'dewdrops' are actually the number fields. 

The size of this clock is astonishing - matches to any railway station clock. It fits in all houses with greater sized living room.

The dial of these clocks are laser cut from a 15mm plywood board, surface is polished and painted gold.

Movement is silent / non ticking, it runs with 1pc. 1.5V AA type battery. Hands are custom made plastic rods in black.


Color options:

Gigantic sunflower clock Gigantic sunflower clock



  • Diameter:    90cm (3')
  • Thickness:   4cm (1 9/16")
  • Weight:       ~3,5kg (7lbs)


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