This pendant is composed of many thinner - thicker gaps - similar to a barcode.

Color options: 

model 6.1 model 6.1
raw wood


This pendant is laser cut from 6mm plywood board, elements are hand polished and painted. The outer rim is painted to black and equipped with special hook that hangs on the lace. The interior 'filling' elements stick into the rim.

The lace itself is made of 3mm black leather strip, default length is 40cm. The ends of the lace is connected to a chromed steel clip + hook.



  • height:                    77mm (3")
  • width:                     20mm (13/16")
  • thickness:                  6mm (1/4")
  • length of lace:           40cm (15 1/2")
  • weight:                          ~40g 



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