The clock is composed of 5 layers of laser cut stylish 'cogwheels' glued on one another. 

The dial of this clock is laser cut from 5 layers of 4mm plywood boards, the layers are glued together. Polishing is made by hand. The surface is treated with flax oil, the final color reflects the natural wooden tone of the birchwood (001.01.001) or exposes the deep brown color of the American walnut veneer (001.01.002).

The movement is non-ticking, runs with 1pc. 1.5V AA type battery. Standard hands are black / silver plastic.


Color options:

Cogwheel Cogwheel
raw wood (ligh brown)
Cogwheel walnut Cogwheel walnut
raw wood (deep brown)


  • Diameter:    29cm (11 1/2")
  • Thickness:   3,3cm (1 1/4")
  • Weight:       ~400g (0.9lb)


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