This heading of this ring forms a stylish 6 spline 'cogwheel'.

Colour options:

model 11.1 model 11.1
raw wood
model 11.2 model 11.2
model 11.3 model 11.3

deep brown

(walnut veneered)

The heading is laser cut from 4mm birch plywood board. The ring itself is 6mm thick.

The size of the ring itself is selectable, available in 18 sizes from 48 to 70mm (inner circumference). The ring simply sticks into the middle of the heading without the use of any glue. Sides of the ring is untreated, the outer curved surface is painted to black.



  • diameter of heading:   25mm (1")
  • thickness of heading:  4mm (3/16")
  • diameter of the ring:   selectable
  • thickness of the ring:   6mm (1/4")
  • weight:                           ~40g



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