This clock forms a galaxy - with 12 twisted arms coming out from the central core.

The dial of this clock is laser cut from 2 layers of 4mm plywood boards. The 2 layers stick together with the 12 red (001.09.001) or blue (001.09.002) wooden rings all along the perimeter of the clock. The movement stays between the layers - therefore the layers are gently bent. No glue is used at assembling the final shape. Polishing and painting / oiling is made by hand.

Movement is non-ticking, hands are black. The 2 layers are treated with flax oil, the rings are hand painted.


Color options:

Galaxy Galaxy
raw wood + red
Galaxy blue Galaxy blue
raw wood + blue


  • Diameter:    29cm (11 1/2")
  • Thickness:   3,3cm (1 1/4")
  • Weight:      ~350g (0.8lb)




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